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Lewis Capital Management
9454 Wilshire Blvd,Suite M-1
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
T: (310) 276-1262
F: (310) 276-1283

Founded in 2000, Lewis Capital Management is a boutique investment firm specializing in asset management for high net worth individuals, family groups and institutions. LCM has approximately $165 million in assets under management as of December 31, 2023 and is based in Beverly Hills, California.

Lewis Capital employs a value based equity philosophy. We manage the following types of portfolios:

Fixed Income
Balanced (Equity + Fixed Income)

Lewis Capital works closely with each client to determine the optimal mix of equity and fixed income assets given the clients' objectives and current financial situations. We also communicate regularly with clients' accountants, attorneys, and business managers in order to ensure a seamless integration of professional services.

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